History of Clayton

Since its founding in 1989 when Clayton pioneered the residential loan due diligence industry, we have performed diligence on over 12 million loans and continue to be a leader in transaction management services, risk-centric information and analytics for the MBS, ABS and CMBS markets.  Our core businesses enable Wall Street, commercial banks and major MBS issuers to acquire, price and service assets and serve bondholders. Our clients include global financial institutions including top tier Wall Street investment banks and issuers of mortgage and asset-backed securities. 

This experience, and our demonstrated commitment to independence and objectivity, has resulted in a reputation that is unrivaled for delivering analysis and rendering judgment on mortgage-related loans and securities, and the firms that participate in this sector.  We deliver transparency, independence, confidence, expertise and quality resources to our clients and partners who need to successfully complete mortgage transactions, manage portfolios and run their operations.

Historical Milestones 

Clayton Historical Milestones