Clayton’s consulting division is a specialty consulting firm that supports the needs of market-leading companies and their respective counterparties to address a variety of advisory needs in the mortgage industry. Our clients include mortgage originators, servicers, banks, regulators, private equity firms and the GSE's.

We offer high-impact, practical solutions and implementation strategies in Operational Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Quality Control and Business Process Improvement 

Why Choose Clayton Consulting

Clayton’s subject matter experts have held significant positions in the mortgage banking industry and bring years of operating experience to Clayton; we are a leading authority in the residential mortgage business.

  • Clayton has conducted more than 200 evaluations of mortgage banking-related companies over the last three years.
  • Clayton’s independence allows for an unbiased approach designed to verify compliance with industry best practices and recommend strategies designed to enhance performance.
  • Clayton possesses best practice knowledge of mortgage company operations from origination through servicing.
  • Clayton’s nimble team and flexible approach allows it to effectively meet a client’s needs by customizing each project based on a subject’s organizational structure and identified high risk areas.

For more information about our recent experience and how Clayton Consulting can help your company, please speak to one of our qualified consultants.