Operational Risk Management

Our Operational Risk Management services include both Servicer and Originator Reviews.  Our team of consultants are flexible, and ready to find the best solution for your business.

Suite of Operational Risk Management Services

Servicer Reviews

  • Review loan servicing practices for compliance with stated policies, guidelines, industry standards and industry best practices to identify key risks and inefficiencies and provide recommendations for operational improvement.  
  • Recommend appropriate steps to address gaps, assist with remediation plan development and implementation.
  • Compare stated management policies and procedures with actual servicing and transaction files for validation and exception tracking.

Originator Reviews

  • Perform analysis of current origination processes to identify key risks and inefficiencies and provide recommendations for operational improvement.  
  • Perform loan-level file audits to determine if current loan origination, compliance, and regulatory policy issues are an indication of significant operational risks.

Merger and Acquisition Evaluations

  • Operational Risk Assessments to include a Gap analysis covering all elements of the loan origination and fulfillment process.
  • Evaluation of the quality of the senior and middle management team and review of strategic initiatives in place for growth to include scalability of current mortgage lending platform. 
  • Effective use of technology and third party vendors to manage loan expenses.
  • Assessment of Enterprise Risk Management process and performance.  
  • Use of industry best practices in the loan origination and fulfillment of process.
Warehouse Lending Solutions

  • Identify potential warehouse operational risks and establish guidelines, procedures, and reporting to ensure that the mortgage loans financed by the warehouse lender conform in all respects to the warehouse loan agreement.
  • Establish a counterparty monitoring program of the required warehouse functions as well as carry out the counterparty due diligence requirements of the warehouse loan agreement.

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