Loan Review and Due Diligence

Since its founding in 1989, Clayton has performed due diligence on over 10 million residential loans—making us a true pioneer in the residential loan due diligence industry. Our clients are buyers of loans, sellers of loans, and investors in loans at global financial institutions, investment banks and hedge funds. We have extensive experience in supporting transaction management activities for our clients in the mortgage industry.

Our Loan Review and Due Diligence services help our clients understand all aspects of risk contained in a loan file.  By completing a comprehensive loan file review, our clients have the accurate information needed to price, acquire and service the assets.  Our reviews are tailored to our clients' exact needs and include validation of critical data points and identification of credit, property valuation, compliance, and fraud risk in specific portfolios.  Most importantly, each of our review scopes take into account a client's history, experience with the seller, the seller's size, the type of loan, and the quality of data. 

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For additional information about each review type, see our specific services below.

Securitization Solutions

With the recent financial crisis, the mortgage industry has undergone a broad range of regulatory reform. Now, investors demand transparency for every investment, and while not all risk can be known, it's clear that all phases of private-label securitization will require a new level of disclosure, coordination, and due diligence. This is where Clayton can help. More »

Credit Underwriting

Clayton offers comprehensive credit due diligence services. Whether loans are being reviewed at origination, foreclosure, or any stage in-between, we can provide you with detailed insight. Clayton leverages proprietary technology and experienced due diligence professionals in order to identify credit risk in portfolios at the loan level. More »

Property Valuation Review

Clayton offers a wide range of property valuation solutions to assist you with your risk management needs and to help you facilitate effective business decisions. More »

Regulatory Compliance Review

We review loans for regulatory compliance using the compliance module of our loan analysis system, which incorporates relevant laws and regulations. Our systems filter loan data against relevant federal, state and local high cost and predatory lending regulations (including HOEPA and TIL) for the presence of material exceptions. More »

Mortgage Fraud Review

When a loan portfolio is underperforming one of the primary questions interested parties have is whether the underlying loans actually met the criteria outlined in the relevant contractual agreements. More »

Data Integrity Services

As your independent, third-party provider, Clayton’s Data Integrity provides you with a clear understanding of the quality of your mortgage data. More »

Legal Document Review

Legal document (collateral) reviews are critical in the sale, acquisition and servicing of assets. Our review is designed to mitigate business risk and improve overall financial and operational performance. More »

Seasoned Loan Services

At Clayton, we have experience working with loans at various stages of the loan life cycle continuum. Many of the loans we review for our clients are "seasoned", meaning they were originated one or more years ago. Clayton has developed specific seasoned loan review scopes designed to provide insight into the characteristics which drive performance and value for these loans. More »

Non-Performing Loan Review

The information required by investors in non-performing and scratch & dent loans varies dramatically from one portfolio to the next. That is why Clayton created a menu of review components specifically for delinquent and impaired assets. Our Transaction Management team will work with you to tailor the right review scope, collecting and analyzing the information which best suit your needs. More »

Valuation Risk Review Services

Clayton’s Valuation Risk Review is designed to uncover and flag possible risks related to appraised value, the property and market and regulatory compliance. It is an in-depth desktop review done by a licensed appraiser that employs Red Bell’s cutting-edge Automated Valuation Estimator (AVE). Red Bell’s AVE leverages state-of-the-art technology and near real-time data updates through its participation in nearly 400 MLSs throughout the nation to select the best comparables and provide supportable prices. More »