Mortgage Fraud Review

Mortgage Fraud Review (Putback & Re-verification)

Since 2006, Clayton has been leveraging its expertise in underwriting to review loans with a focus on evaluating the relevant contractual agreements to ensure each loan adheres to the representations and warranties made by the loan seller or owner requesting insurance coverage.

Our Fraud Review Process

The focus of a fraud review is to identify breaches in representations and warranties. These breaches are commonly represented by instances of fraud, misrepresentation, misuse of loan programs, or other discrepancies. A complete review scope covers the following:

  • Credit Bureau Report   
  • Loan Application
  • Loan Approval
  • Appraisal
  • Title Commitment
  • HUD-1
  • Closing Documents
  • Phone Re-Verification
  • Third-Party and Public Verification
  • Related Agreements or Policies

Additionally, Clayton is capable of independently re-verifying critical data points to ensure the validity of the loan level information through third-party resources or direct contact. 

Clayton will provide you with a complete, comprehensive package for the underperforming loan. This package will include a detailed letter from our consultants describing the issue, information about the particular representation or warranty breach, and all supporting documentation.

For more information about our Fraud Review process, please contact us today.