Non-Performing Loan Review

Non-Performing | Distressed Asset Loan Review

The recent turbulence in the mortgage market has created a dramatic increase of non-performing loans, which are often sold by investors at deep discounts.  Because each of these portfolios have unique characteristics and risks, Clayton has developed a menu of review scopes and other services designed to provide our clients the information to assess non-performing and scratch & dent portfolios

Scope of Review 

Clayton will work with you to tailor a review scope, identifying areas of recommended analysis that best suit your needs. Non-Performing | Distressed Asset Loan Review services include:

  • Compliance
  • Servicing Analysis
  • Data Integrity and Capture
  • Legal Document Review

Typically, our standard final deliverables include any or all of the following components:

  • Loan Payment History: Examination of cash velocity, cash flow, and payment timing.
  • Borrower Contact History: Analyze your collection and loss mitigation commentary.
  • Valuation Update: We conduct a Valuation re-run (AVM, BPO, etc.)
  • Default Status Assessment: Assessment of your re-performance or liquidation strategies.
  • Legal Action Review: We review your loans for Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Litigation, Title or Eviction.
  • Escrow Advances: Review your current or pending loan level advances of escrow and other expenses.
  • Disposition Strategy Determination: Includes loan level investment, asset management, valuation, listing, and sales review.

To learn more about any of these areas of analysis, contact us today.