Property Valuation Review

Property Valuation Review 

We can be your direct valuation provider, through our Red Bell subsidiary, or be your indirect facilitator.  As an indirect facilitator, Clayton can work with your established vendors to integrate valuation data.

Appraisal reviews are a standard component of Clayton's due diligence and pre-securitization reviews on new origination, seasoned and non-performing loans.

In addition to Clayton's appraisal review process, we offer each of the following valuation services.  Each of these services can be customized to meet requirements for your specific review and reporting needs.

Property Valuation Services

  • Automated Value Model (AVM): A report generated using computer models that screen properties for risk factors to provide a general value determination.
  • Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO): Obtained for loans exceeding your pre-determined AVM tolerances.  The BPO is prepared by a real estate professional and provides you with a low cost alternative to ordering a new appraisal to establish the current value of a property.
  • Appraisal: Report prepared by a licensed appraiser that provides you with the current property value.
  • Desk Review: Analysis of the appraisal by an appraiser who is reviewing for inconsistencies and potential areas of risk.  Recommended solution for loans seasoned less than six months.

    To determine which Property Valuation service would work best for you, contact us today.