Regulatory Compliance Review

Regulatory Compliance Review

Clayton offers mortgage regulatory compliance solutions that cover all sections of the mortgage continuum, from loan processing to seasoned loan analysis. Our compliance system is kept up-to-date by on-staff attorneys in consultation with outside legal counsel.  Further, Clayton engages law firms with residential mortgage compliance expertise to conduct independent audits of the system.

Our regulatory compliance services are supported by our Enhanced Clayton Loan Analysis System (eCLAS) solution, which is designed to review closed files with a focus on secondary market concerns. 

Enhanced Clayton Loan Analysis System (eCLAS)

Through our eCLAS system, our underwriters will enter loan-level information on closed loans and eCLAS will automatically issue exceptions when violations are identified.  Underwriters are instructed to add color, but the decision-making is left to the system, with questions being sent to Clayton's internal counsel for review.

Clayton reviews for federal, state, county and municipal high-cost and other threshold-based laws.  We also test dollar and percentage tolerances and analyze repayment ability and net tangible benefit issues where applicable. Additionally, we confirm whether material disclosures are properly provided, signed, and dated.  In short, eCLAS is a great solution for any size business looking for closed file reviews.

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