Seasoned Loan Services

At Clayton, we have experience working with loans at various stages of the loan life cycle continuum. Many of the loans we review for our clients are "seasoned", meaning they were originated one or more years ago.  Clayton has developed specific seasoned loan review scopes designed to provide insight into the characteristics which drive performance and value for these loans.

Seasoned Loan Services

Unlike firms of a smaller size, we don't just work with newly originated loans; we have a vast array of services available for seasoned loans. To help you manage seasoned loans, Clayton offers a comprehensive suite of solutions:

  • Updated Data Quality Review: We verify information provided to our client, and update credit scores and occupancy based on current servicing records, modification terms, and other factors. 
  • Regulatory Compliance Review: Similar to a review of a newly originated loan, we confirm the loan(s) were originated in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local, predatory lending and high cost regulations.
  • Current Property Valuation Review: We analyze the current value of a property in order to ascertain the updated loan to value ratio. This valuation is based on an updated AVM/BPO valuation.
  • Payment History, Payment Velocity, and Collection Comment Review: We ascertain a borrower's willingness and ability to repay the mortgage.
  • Loan Modification Review: We verify any updated loan terms based on modifications to the original mortgage.

To learn more about our Seasoned Loan Services, please contact us today.