Valuation Risk Review Services

Valuation Risk Review

If you’ve ever received an appraisal or valuation and wondered if the best comps were used and if the value was appropriate, you are not alone. Red Bell's Valuation Risk Review is designed to uncover and flag possible risks related to appraised value, the property and market and regulatory compliance.

Red Bell’s Valuation Risk Review, or VRR, is a review by a licensed appraiser engaged by Red Bell of a previously completed review or similar valuation product. Red Bell employs its cutting edge AVE with its daily updated database in the review process. VRRs are available for properties located nationwide through Red Bell’s use of select Appraisal Management Companies.

Why Red Bell for Valuation Risk Review?

  • We leverage a best-in-class comparable database as part of our Valuation Risk Review
  • Red Bell is a top-ranked Residential Vendor by Morningstar
  • Our Valuation Risk Review is completed by an appraiser licensed and located in the state where the property is based
  • Reliable and consistent pricing