Claims & Advance Reviews

Investors and insurers have many different claim types, each with unique requirements. Meeting a plethora of conditions often exposes servicers to compliance risk. Clayton® offers in-depth claim process reviews to help servicers minimize their risk.

Target reviews include pre-submission reviews, post-submission compliance reviews, or both. These reviews are designed to mitigate risk associated with investor claims following property liquidation or as part of the loss mitigation process.


  • Curtailments
  • Pre-claim Submission Review
  • Post-claim Validation
  • Maximize Payouts

Pre-Submission Claim Reviews

Validate that claimed amounts fall within investor allowable amounts, are supported by the appropriate documentation and are correctly categorized based on the expense type. These reviews help minimize curtailments and claim denials for missing documentation.

Post-Submission Compliance Reviews

Validate the accuracy of claimed amounts based on loan servicing records and supporting documentation and the timeliness of the complaint filing. These reviews help to identify trends in servicing and any potential risk of non-compliance.

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