Credit Underwriting Reviews

Clayton’s credit reviews can be structured to provide the results loan buyers and investors need to identify risk and price loans, portfolios and securities. Loans can be reviewed against any set or number of guidelines, and reviews can be supplemented with updated credit information for an even more current assessment of a loan or portfolio.

Our standard credit underwriting due diligence review compares loan criteria to investor guidelines and looks at credit scores, LTVs and DTI. The review also considers reasonableness of employment, income and asset data. The data and calculations are also reviewed to determine the borrower’s ability to repay (ATR) and a loan’s qualified mortgage status.

Clayton has developed more than 1,200 standardized exception codes to help clients assess risk at the individual loan level, as well as across their entire portfolio. This exception tracking—combined with commentary from the underwriting staff—gives clients an unparalleled level of credit risk.

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