Operational Reviews

Comprehensive Servicing Operational Reviews Mitigate Due Diligence Risk

Clayton® reviews servicers and vendors in many capacities. Our experienced team reviews policy and procedure documents, conducts on-site or remote interviews with management staff and identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement. In addition, Clayton can refine scope based on your portfolio composition and need.

Operational Assessment Scopes include:

  • GSE/HUD Servicing Quality
  • Control Plans
  • Targeted Advisory/Remediation
  • OCC Audit Prep
  • Vendor Audit
  • MERS Annual Review

Clayton’s Operational Reviews consist of three phases:

Project Planning

The Clayton team reviews the requested scope of the Operational Review and corresponding agenda to designate in advance the materials that the servicer/subservicer will require, including the method of receiving the documents. Additionally, we will establish the logistics of remote or on-site interviews for the servicer/subservicer. Clayton will review all materials before the interview, including policies and procedures.

On-Site or Virtual Visit

Clayton will work with the client to establish contact with the servicer/subservicer. We will then work directly with the servicer/subservicer during the Operational Review process and conduct the on-site or virtual interviews with management or key employees servicing the portfolio. Discussions will focus on how each manager’s functional area operates, caseloads and capacity levels, automation and manual processes within servicing and the knowledge of required servicing guidelines. Operational Reviews may also include side-by-side work observations, system demonstrations and live call monitoring.

Report Delivery

Clayton will provide a written report for the servicer/subservicer outlining the results. We will also provide an Executive Summary, strengths and weaknesses analysis and recommendations to enhance portfolio performance and mitigate risk. In addition, if loan-level testing was part of the review request, the report will include these results.

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