Portfolio Oversight

Gain Insight into Potential Portfolio Risk

Clayton® offers a data-driven Portfolio Oversight & Analytics solution that provides access to ongoing and automated data analytics and reporting and focuses on collateral performance and exception monitoring. Typically, a monthly reporting solution provides insight into potential risk within a client’s portfolio. We work closely with servicers to obtain monthly data feeds, identify data anomalies and proactively resolve loan-level issues.

Clayton’s Portfolio Oversight & Analytics solution includes:

  • GSE/HUD Timelines
  • Foreclosure Referral
  • Foreclosure Completion
  • Bankruptcy
  • Claim Filing
  • Payment Application
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Borrower Behavior – FICO drift, payment drift, etc.
  • Fees and Advances
  • Realized Loss Reconciliation
  • Claim Review and Analysis

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