Servicing Oversight & Regulatory Testing

Trust Clayton’s Decades of Experience Providing Servicing Oversight & Quality Control

Clayton’s experienced Servicing Oversight team helps servicers and subservicers measure their performance, validate regulatory and investor compliance and identify loan- and portfolio-level risk.

In today’s environment, servicers continue to face additional pressures from state regulators and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as they continue to have concerns in the areas of fees, loss mitigation implementation and the inadequacy of the QA, QC and Risk Framework. Clayton® provides targeted performing and default-related loan-level file testing, operational assessment and readiness and ongoing portfolio monitoring to help comply with these evolving regulations.

Clayton’s relationships with dozens of servicers, subservicers, master servicers and trustees include data connectivity and remote system access, enabling unbiased and independent findings delivered as anonymized performance benchmarking. For servicing oversight solutions that always exceed standards, you can rely on Clayton.

  • Ensure best execution of servicing strategy to minimize losses
  • Collaborate to proactively resolve identified issues
  • Maximize cash flows through loan-level risk management
  • Provide transparency in an unprecedented economic environment

Clayton's servicing oversight solutions include:

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